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The Belle of New York - musical stage production - starring Edna May ! (Casino Theater New York 1897) (Shaftsbury Theatre London 1898, 1899)

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The following is a review of The Belle of New York from The Evening Herald, Thursday September 30, 1897 (Syracuse)
** it quotes reviews from New York papers - The New York Herald, The New York Tribune, The Telegraph and the Evening Telegram.

The image below is difficult to read, but here are some of the highlights quoted:

Mrs. Edna Pettie Titus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Pettie of this city, appeared at the Casino, New York Thursday in the title part of "The Belle of New York". Mrs. Trevors - she is now known as Edna May Trevors - seems to have made a decidedly favorable impression upon the critics with her pretty face and form and sweet soprano voice.
The New York Herald praises Miss Trevors, as she is known, while condemning the play on the ground that it lacks both novelty and refinement. Of Miss Trevors or Mrs. Titus, The Herald says: "The one real relief in the way of novelty was the addition of Miss Edna Mae Trevors to the company ...who sang quite prettily among a chorus not overly blessed....it was at times decididly vulgar.
The New York Tribune says that ...she looked exceedingly pretty in her army uniform and moderatley so in the brilliant gown she wore later.
The Telegraph says that ...the responsibilities of last night,of course,weighed upon her to the extent of making her perceptibly nervous.
The Evening Telegram says that Miss Trevor sang very well and looked very pretty.

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