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The Belle of New York - musical stage production - starring Edna May ! (Casino Theater New York 1897) (Shaftsbury Theatre London 1898, 1899)

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A story of hope and reform. Of love and sacrifice.

"The Belle of New York" is a musical comedy in two acts, with six scenes.
Book and lyrics by Hugh Morton and music by Gustave Kerker.
It first opened at the Casino Theatre in New York on the 28th of September 1897 and closed on the 26th of December 1897, running for 64 performances.
The production and the entire New York cast would then open at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London on the 12th of April 1898 and ran for an astonishing 697 performances. The Belle of New York, although it was respectfully received, did not get stunning reviews in New York nor do well at the box office. But when it played in London, it was cheered and became a sensation. A nineteen year old actress named Edna May was chosen for the lead role of Violet Gray and become an international star.

Miss Edna May in The Belle of New York
W. & D. Downey photographers, London

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The Illustrated Police News
July 2, 1898 (London)

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Spotlight on The Belle of New York
-- Casino Theater, New York 1897
-- Shafstbury Theatre, London 1898, 1899
-- A story of hope and reform. Of love and sacrifice.
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"Edna May-Superstar"
-- by C. Pascoe
-- ISBN 9780986853005
-- 104 pages, illustrated, 22cm, 1st edition
-- published 2011
the only book published on Edna May.

"An Edwardian Bachelor -
Roy Sambourne 1878-1946"
-- by Shirley Nicholson
-- ISBN 0 901657 30 1
-- 120 pages, illustrated
-- The Victorian Society, 1999
life long friend of Edna's.
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