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***note: this page and it's links are a work in progress and will continue to be built as new information comes in and new family/friends of Edna's are discovered.
*** note: sometime in the early 1880's, the surname of Petty changed to Pettie.

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Edgar Cory Pettie - father.
Cora Ella Pettie (nee Poole) - mother.
Adelbert Eugene Pettie - brother.
Jennie (Jane) Maude Pettie - sister.
Marguerite Pettie - sister.
Oscar Lewisohn - husband of Edna.
Fred Titus - first husband of Edna.
Roy Atwell ---childhood friend from Syracuse.
Roy Sambourne ---friend from London.
Charles Frohman ---stage manager.
Georgina Walker - lifelong ladies maid to Edna.

The following are transcripts from Jennie Pooles Bible, given to her from her husband William Spencer Poole.
Courtesy of Karen Bailey.


Wm. Spencer Poole and Jennie Brown were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by Rev. J.B. Shaw on the 16th of January 1855 in the city of Rochester, State of New York.
Edgar C. Petty and Cora Ella Poole were married on the 25th of Nov. 1874.
Truman R. Coon and Emma Lucille Poole were married at Rochester, Aug. 28th 1887.
Moreland and Maude Inez Poole were married at Syracuse, Jan. 20th 1892 by Rev. Cortland Myers.

Wm. S. Poole was born Aug. 14th 1827.
Jennie Poole was born Jan. 5th 1840.
Cora Ella Poole, was born Jan. 1st, 1856.
Emma Lucile Poole was born March 6th, 1858.
Albert Ulysses Poole was born Aug. 13, 1860.
Inez Poole was born July 13th 1866.
Maude Inez Poole was born Jan. 24th 1871.
Adelbert U. Petty was born May 11th 1876.
Edna May Petty was born 2nd Sept. 1878.
Jennie Maude Petty was born Dec. 1st 1879.
Stanley Mortimer Coon was born June 19th 1888.
Oliver Spencer Coon was born July 13th 1890.
Marguerite Petty was born April 19th 1890.
Ruth Mildred Moreland born January 6th 1893.
Arthur Lorenzo Moreland was born Aug. 1st 1902

Ann Brown died May 12th 1881 aged 72 years.
Albert Ulysses Poole died May 26th 1863.
Inez Poole died March 28th 1869.
William Spencer Poole died Oct. 9th 1907 aged 80 years.
Jennie Poole died Feb. 18th 1911.
Truman Richard Coon, died March 11, 1919 aged 63 years.
George H. Coon died Dec. 30th 1926 73 years.
Emma Lucille Coon, died Jan. 2nd 1935 age 76 years.